End of Life Care Services

Finding end of life care for your loved ones is often a very emotional journey. This type of care revolves around making the final weeks or months of a patient’s life as comfortable and fulfilling as possible.

What is End of Life Care?

End of life care is a broad term that encompasses many different aspects of care surrounding death. 

Many patients entering this type of care may be going through physical pain and mental anguish. Avanti’s around-the-clock support can include home care services related to improving the quality of life as much as possible while diminishing suffering.

When a loved one is uncomfortable, your caretaker will help address physical needs such as pain, temperature sensitivity, breathing issues, fatigue, skin irritation, and digestive problems.

Why is End of Life Care Important?

End of life care helps both the family and patient cope with their position. Instead of relying on family members to care for them, our aides will provide those basic needs for the patient. This round-the-clock care can make your loved one more comfortable, even when the disease itself isn’t being treated.

Get Help with End of Life Care

End of life care has benefits that extend past the obvious—making the patient’s final days as comfortable as possible. Instead of having a family member wait on them all day, a hired aide will be by their side in case of an emergency or accident. 

Watching a loved one pass away is never easy, and we want to help make the transition as comfortable for everyone as possible. Contact us today if you need help with end of life care planning at-home.

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