Companion Care Services

Living with independence and dignity, as we age, is what everyone deserves.  When our loved ones grow older, many everyday tasks become more challenging to perform safely and independently. We can help make aging in place safer and more enjoyable.

What Is Companion Care?

Companion care includes things like:

Help with getting groceries

Rides to medical appointments

Meal prep

Social engagement and friendship

Help with around the home chores

An additional form of respite care

Why Is Companion Care Important?

Companion care is more than just having a friend to prevent loneliness. In fact, studies show that seniors who utilize companion care services reduce their risk of progressive age-related conditions such as cardiovascular disease, alzheimer’s, arthritis, and osteoporosis. 

Seniors who are able to connect socially with companions also benefit from lower rates of disability and higher physical mobility scores. Additionally, these seniors are more likely to be proactive about their healthcare needs, such as paying better attention to their nutrition or scheduling appointments with their primary care doctor.

In short, companion care helps aging adults stay comfortable and functional in their homes for longer.

Knowing that the people you love are able to live with the attention, care, and normality they deserve can help you feel confident in their quality of life. Companion care also offers an alternative option to assisted living facilities.

Benefits of Companion Care

Here are some of the many benefits of companion care:

  • Provides emotional support
  • Increases daily activities — physical, mental, and social
  • Reduces the risk of depression and loneliness
  • Maintains a safe and comfortable environment
  • Immediate response in the event of an emergency

Start a Conversation About Companion Care

Companion care provides the company, attention, and aid aging loved ones deserve.  If you’re concerned about the quality of life for an aging loved one, call us today for a free evaluation. 

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